Black Metals™

The original Blackened Metallic Liquid To Matte Lipsticks. Innovative formula from its super comfortable long-wear to its spectacular pigmentation.


armageddon ar•ma•ged•don/[ahr-muh-ged-n]/n  1. the last and completely destructive battle: •Armageddon• is a red unlike any other—a deep blackened red with flecks of copper. Inspired by the amazing genre of Black Metal Music, our... Learn More

$18.00 USD

BLACK METAL TRINITY™ - Limited Edition Pack

Inspired by the amazing genre of Black Metal music, this patented packaging design is perfect for our unique blackened metal matte liquid lipsticks! Simply slide off the sleeve to showcase... Learn More

$56.00 USD

Black Metal™ Bundle - Blackened Metallic Liquid to Matte Lipstick

Black Metal™ Bundle - Blackened Metallic Liquid to Matte Lipstick

The Ultimate collection for the ultimate Black Metal™ fan! In this amazing deal, you will receive a total of (5) of our Black Metal™ Liquid Lipsticks: (1) Black Metal Trinity™... Learn More

$80.00 USD

-$92.00 USD


eternal e•ter•nal/[ih-tur-nl] /a  1. without beginning or end; lasting forever; always existing •Eternal• is a very unique shade joining our Black Metal™ family— a blackened rose gold with hues of gold, pink,... Learn More

$18.00 USD


  immortal im•mor•tal/[ih-mawr-tl]/a  1. not liable to perish or decay; imperishable; everlasting. •Immortal• is a purple unlike any other— a blackened purple with flecks of purple and arctic blue. Inspired by the amazing genre of... Learn More

$18.00 USD


myth myth/miTH/ n  1. an imaginary or fictitious thing or person. ____________________________________________________________________________ Introducing one of the most unique shades to grace your pretty face. •Myth• is a blackened emerald green with tiny... Learn More

$18.00 USD


sorrow sorrow/[sor-oh, sawr-oh]/n 1. a cause or occasion of grief or regret, as an affliction, a misfortune, or trouble. •Sorrow• is a blue unlike any other—a deep blackened blue with flecks of... Learn More

$18.00 USD