Hello Moon Beauties!

We have compiled a list of reoccurring questions that we'd like to answer for you! Thank you, as always, for asking! Hope this helps! If you do not see your question answered on this page, feel free to shoot us an email here!


Do you or a third party test your final products or ingredients on animals?

Absolutely NOT. We love our animal friends!


Are you marketed in any countries that test on animals?

No, we are not.


Are your products vegan?

Yes, they are!


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!


How much is shipping outside of the United States?

For 1-4 lipsticks, please refer to the following:

Canada: $10.20 USD

Europe: $14.50 USD

Asia: $14.50 USD

Mexico: $13.25 USD

You may also add items to your cart, enter your shipping information and, just before reaching the payment page, you will see the shipping rate associated with your purchase. 


Is tracking available for international packages?

Tracking is available for Canada, some countries in Europe, and, in most cases, Mexico. Tracking availability is dependent on the country of receipt and their diligence in scanning the tracking barcode on the package. We do not have control of this, unfortunately.


My tracking information for my package shows "Not Found" (U.S. Customers)?

It takes a little time for tracking information to be updated. Please allow at least 24 hours.


I paid extra for fast shipping (USPS Priority Mail), why isn't it out yet?

Paying extra for shipping does not move your order up in the queue. This is not a rush option. This shipping option is directly related with how long the post office handles your package, not us. We have a standard policy of 3-5 business days for processing.


How long does it take to ship my order?

Our ship time is 3-5 business days, excluding weekends and holidays. We work around the clock to get orders out so you may also find your orders shipping out before our allotted processing time.


Does Black Moon Cosmetics offer PRO Discounts or Memberships?

We do not offer any PRO Discounts or memberships at this time.


I am a Beauty Blogger, is Black Moon Cosmetics doing any collaborations or affiliate codes?

We are not doing any collaborations or affiliate codes at this time.


What is your return policy?

Our return policy can be found in detail here.


Are your lipsticks smudge-proof?

In order to preserve our liquid lipstick's deliciously moisturizing qualities, they are not smudge-proof.


There are gaps on the bottom of the bottle, does this mean my product is empty?

Your product is definitely not empty! These are air bubbles caused during the filling process. Since our formula is thicker and creamier in texture than your average liquid lipstick, air bubbles are inevitable during filling. Rest assured, your product is filled to the top and you have the promised 6 mL!


Are there any traces of alcohol in your liquid lipsticks?

Our liquid lipsticks are alcohol-free!