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      The Gothic Eye: What you need to Know about Goth Eye Makeup

      We will have to agree on this one thing, Goth eye makeup is a major part when pulling off the gothic style. Eye makeup reveals the artistic genius in applying eyeliners and mascara to achieve the cat eye, new wave, full rimmed eyes, and the classic look. All the Goth eye makeup have to be applied in just the right amount. This is where many of us go wrong. We use too much makeup thinking that it is what defines the look. The Goth style is a cool look and each one of us should know how to achieve it without overdoing it.

      • Bold eyebrows

        First of all, you have to pay attention to your brows. Before applying anything, shape your brows nicely. Pluck the out of line brows to pave way for the dark brow pencil. Once your brows have the shape, go crazy! Fill them with black brow color pencil or color of choice.

      • Get the basic Goth eye makeup styles.

        As seen in most Goth looks, the upper and lower lids have to be lined precisely. While doing this, be careful not to allow the liquid liner into the eyes especially while doing the lower lids. Liquid liner gives the best results and once the lines are drawn, you can go ahead and apply dark mascara coat once or twice.

      • Make the eyes pop

        Goth eye makeup, particularly the dark one, works well when the eyes are popped out. The trick is to expose the dark eye shadow to make it stand out. It is easy to get this effect.   Use a stark white pencil to line the lower eyelid and to the eye’s inner corner, use a silvery-white shade. This trick exposes the shadow tremendously.

      • Try different color shades

        Of course, the first thing to do when applying Goth eye makeup is to use the black shade. Black is the Goth color but other shades also help achieve the Goth look. It might be red, indigo or burgundy.  Apply the shade severally and make sure it blends.

      When choosing your ideal gothic makeup palette, the place to start is with your own beautiful face. Colors complement eyes (and are not all equal). So if you are a novice you will want to choose a goth eyeshadow palette that is ideal for you.
        There are so many tricks to try out. For starters, you can begin with the black eye makeup. Choose the darkest Goth eye makeup and get the dramatic gothic eyes that will turn heads. It is that easy to apply gothic makeup. While experimenting with the above tricks, do not hold back until you find a style that blends well with your face.