le·o[lee-oh] / n

1.  constellation for the zodiac Leo, one of the largest constellations in the northern sky. 

Introducing our new collection of Fur-Free Constellation lashes! Comfortable, reusable, and lightweight, our lashes are the perfect touch to your already gorgeous look!


·Leo· is in our faux "mink" range, big and bold with gorgeous long wispie layers for an incredibly dramatic and beautiful look! Pair with a thick winged liner to top off a "cat-eye" look or a dreamy smokey eye! These synthetic fibers mimic the "mink" look and feel without the cruelty!


*Limit (2) per customer!

{Packaging Design: Desnoir Designs}

{Photo Credits:

Photo: Stoney Darkstone | Assisted by: Damien Hayes / Lyndon Fisher

Makeup: Penelope Gwen
Models: Kerry Ann
Hair: Beverley Perrott

Product Shots: Tina Munster}

$14.00 USD