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      Making the Goth Makeup Stay Longer.

      Halloween has to be the one day that people engage full throttle on the Goth face and body makeup. This is, however, a one-day affair and no one really cares if the makeup products they use stay put or are perfect. Contrary, Goth look enthusiasts have to stay on top of their game with only the best goth makeup brands and products regardless if they spend their day outside during summer or in a club where it is hot and people are sweaty. So, this piece will shine a light on how to achieve long-lasting gothic makeup but first, a little detour.

      The pale Goth body makeup needs to be cautiously applied to make it look good and natural. We have all seen those vampire movies and they usually nail the look. Primer and glowing texture products are used for this look. The lips are also a focus point with any Goth look and following the natural lip shape and using the right lipstick is advised.

      Now that, that is out of the way, this is how you make the paleness or the Gothic face and body makeup stay longer

      • Create the perfect skin for makeup application

        You will want to exfoliate your skin to make the makeup better. An even and dry (but not too dry) skin provides the best surface for makeup to stick. Oil-free moisturizers help in this process and for those with oily skin, use a little moisturizer. This lays the ground for Goth face and body makeup to last.

      • Use primers

        The wrong application causes a fashion fail with disastrous results. Primer is a quick fix solution for the face which smoothens out imperfections. Primers are an alternative to too much face products and offer a bold look while helping makeup stay put. Overall, primers are necessary for the Goth face and body makeup kit.

      • Wear a base with a fair look

         A lot of base does not yield the best results. If anything, piling up white base makes you look older. A tinted moisturizer which builds the base does not hinder the skin from breathing. This means less sweating and the makeup lasts for a while longer. In case you want more coverage, heavy foundation and a touch of moisturizer on your skin will go a long way. This method reduces the makeup you use and still obtain a fair look.

        Gothic makeup can be incredibly stylish if applied in the correct way and therefore you will want to adhere to the above tips and methodology to get it right.