gem·i·ni[jem-uh-nahy, -nee] / n

1.  constellation for the zodiac Gemini, meaning "the twins" in latin.

Introducing our new collection of Fur-Free Constellation lashes! Comfortable, reusable, and lightweight, our lashes are the perfect touch to your already gorgeous look!


·Gemini· is in our faux "mink" range, bold with gorgeous criss-cross wispie layers for an incredibly beautiful look! Pair with a winged liner to top off a "cat-eye" look, a dreamy smokey eye, or by itself for a "no makeup" look! These synthetic fibers mimic the "mink" look and feel without the cruelty!


*Limit (2) per customer!

{Packaging Design: Desnoir Designs}

{Photo Credits:

Photo: Stoney Darkstone | Assisted by: Damien Hayes / Lyndon Fisher

Makeup: Penelope Gwen
Models: Kerry Ann
Hair: Beverley Perrott

Product Shots: Tina Munster}

$14.00 USD