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Wearing Black Lipstick Elegantly

Celebrities like Rihanna, film stars, rock stars, and fashion models all rock the black lipstick in a way that we cannot resist to try it out.  Probably you are thinking the black color is a bit much unless the gothic blood flows in your veins. Hate to burst your bubble but, black lipstick can be worn by anybody. The one secret to wearing this gothic lipstick, however, is in the execution. Do not stress! You do not have to be a fashion expert to look dashing with the dark lipstick. All you need to know is a few tricks to look classy with the color. The tricks are;

Be aware of your undertone

Black color has the power to look good on any complexion. Nonetheless, the skin tone factors in how well you rock the color. For light skin tones, black lipstick is more shouting but still stylish. A quick solution to tone it down is to add a touch of make-up, concealer perhaps, to neutralize the effect. People with neutral skin tones have less trouble as the lipstick naturally blends.

Try black lipstick with a dark ensemble

The so-called ‘mother’ of gothic lipstick is avant-garde and can also give off a romantic vibe besides the’ no-nonsense’ serious look. So why not try darker fashion styles to complete the Goth girl makeup look that is in all our minds. Depending on the outfit you choose to go with, a mellow or full-on Goth look shall be achieved elegantly.

Be bold and branch out

There is no such thing as too much black! So spicing up the makeup styles experimenting with the black lipstick is a good way to find the ideal style you want. From stain, satin black to ombre black, different looks definitely produce different classy looks. Try a dark lip-liner for a good fit on the gothic lipstick.

Utilize the power eyeliner as a lip liner

Eyeliners have the ability to make a perfect spread to black lipsticks. Traditionally, eyeliners were used when black lip liners were impossible to get. Since then, eye liners have offered the same outcome as the lip liners.

Black gothic lipstick can be worn for any occasion. Whether you are going to the beach, a date or running an errand to the grocery store, black will match up whatever outfit you wear.  Once you follow and try the above tips, you will feel comfortable trying out other gothic lipstic colors as well. Go ahead try this gothic lipstick!